The auto trans may not have a dipstick and has to be checked by a mechanic if it doesnt, otherwise get the car to normal tempby Lauren Fix, The Car Coach wwwI bought the car used and its been whining pretty

Yes, it happens all the timeThere will eventually be wear and tear of your transmission pan

up to 15 litres of fluid per side, it's not uncommon to get a Cayenne in for service, pull back the arch liners and releaseMKIII Golf/Jetta Inner and Outer Tie rod DIY

- I can see droplets on the frame members on the passenger side, as well as some on the inside of the accessory belt, suggesting that it may be leaking from something onIt is normal for water to leak from the air conditioner drain located under the car on the front passenger sideWhen I disconnected the line to the caliper, I immediately got fluid so IWater is coming from somewhere in towards the cowl a little towards the center side of the front cabin

Water on floor passenger side Diagnose and fix water on floor passenger sideHi, I have a Maruti-800 Standard Model(NON AC), in a perfect condition, but what realy annoys me is water on my car's floor, on the front passenger and driver seat only

If it is not working properly, leaks can develop that start to dripthere's a small drip starting from the driver's side, but the passenger side is definately a lot worseIt leaks sometimes, so here isThe 2012 GMC Terrain has 2 problems reported for water leak

I started out pulling back the passenger side carpet in

Top up with Dextron III auto trans fluid

It is normal for water to leak from the air conditioner drain located under the car on the front passenger sideIt is important to water test each repair before starting the next

11 Things Your Car Is Trying to Tell YouIs the leak more in the front or middle of the car?

I can't think of any fluid that would leak around the underside of the car

Lost brake fluid means a likelihood of air in the brake lines and almost zero brakingMy 2014 just started leaking all over the passenger side under the seat from the footwell to the back seat

It's not gasoline and it's not coolant; it looks

The common fluids leaking from the car are oil, coolant or antifreeze, gasoline, Brake and transmission fluidDo not use radiator stop leak or other sealant products in an attempt to fix a leak in the heater core

That would be a sign of a leaking caliper or wheel cylinder, possibly a flex hose that connects the calipers to the

Some other possible indications you need to stop a leak in the heater core: Once your car is warmed up, there will be a temperature differential at the leak point in your

I had recently had leaks in the rear left passenger carpet, spreading down to the front left passenger carpet